Please join us in welcoming Arsenal Soccer School Turkey! Who were officially announced on August 13, 2016.

This is what Arsenal Soccer Schools Turkey had to say about joining the fleet of International Arsenal Soccer Schools -

'The modern facilities set on both Asia and Europe's continents host a new Arsenal World for the children who live in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Arsenal Soccer School in Turkey has merged with senior technical football coaches and with professional English educational teachers run by AmericanLife Language Institute.

Therefore the children not only learn to ‘Play the Arsenal Way’, but they are also able to practice for residental camps in London through the use of the English teaching readily available to them at the Arsenal Soccer School.

The School has football coaches for each age group and has special courses such as: Women's football teams, goalkeepers and the privilege of having a dietitian and sports psychology expert on board with the Arsenal Soccer School.

Arsenal Soccer School Turkey has risen to the top within the elite class families by going one step ahead than the other soccer schools in Turkey.

Arsenal Soccer School Turkey have started off by shooting a fantastic video on Arsenal Football Clubs philosophy, ensuring the kids are able to identify with Arsenal Football Club and understand the fundamentals of what it takes to become a great player with Arsenal Soccer Schools in Turkey.

This Project regularly sends reports of the children to parents so that they can build and maintain their development which is the most important factor to Arsenal Soccer Schools Turkey.

In football at an early age we are here to plant the philosophies and fundamentals in a systematic and disciplined approach. We intend to provide the children with all they need to discover their true talents!

We love Arsenal and football and we hope to see you on the pitch very soon!