Team Training

Team Training - Take your team to the next Level!

Arsenal Manager, Arsène Wenger is renowned for his development of young players to make them into world class footballers. As with all coaches he thrives on seeing young players develop their skills to become the best players they possibly can be – but without a team behind them no one player can succeed. Here at Arsenal we recognise the importance of team work in order to remain at the top and place great emphasis on team development.

Arsenal Soccer Schools offer specialised team training programmes based on the progressive coaching methods that are used at the training ground to help produce imaginative, entertaining and skilful football.

Arsenal Soccer School coaches will watch, analyse and evaluate your team during training and provide an assessment that highlights the strengths and identifies weaknesses. In conjunction with your team’s coaching staff training sessions will be developed that will enhance your teams strengths and improve the weaknesses.

Typical training session will consist of:

  • Plyometrics
  • Team attacking
  • Team defending
  • Possession
  • Crossing and finishing
  • Positional play

Enable your team to have the opportunity of learning to play football the Arsenal Way, with the emphasis placed on passing, movement, creativity, expression and technical development through teamwork by calling +44 (0)207 619 5000 (option 2) or email